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sleep mask and anti-snore clip

Amazing Night Sleep

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Ensure an Amazing Night Sleep when you purchase our Sleep Mask and Anti-Snore Kit combo

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Fight Your Sleep Ailments

Sleep apnea, insomnia and sleep hyper-sensitivity are the leading causes of reduced sleep durations among healthy adults today. In fact, in a recent survey, 1 in every 5 adults suffers from either of these conditions. This amazing Night Sleep Combo helps fight all of the above with two simple products – a sleep mask and an anti-snore clip.

Complete Isolation Equals Relaxation

This is not your average sleep mask. It is contoured and designed to completely block out all external light sources. The 3D design includes rigid cup shaped covers for your eyes and a central nose ridge that rides on your nose blocking all points of light entry. And with elastic adjustable straps, you won’t feel a thing wearing the eye mask.

Forget those flimsy one dollar eye masks that feel more like zucchini slices on your eyes, stinging, irritating and abrasive. Try these 3D masks, they never really make any direct contact with your eyes and yet keep the light out – you will find them a lot more comfortable and soothing – be it at home in bed, on a flight or on a road trip.

Snore No More

Do you wake at night because of sleep apnea? Has your snoring become intolerable to your partner? This anti-snoring clip is ergonomically designed to soothe the upper air passage and keep your nostrils open without any physical obtrusion. The design also makes it easy to clip on and remove without ever feeling like a burden.

Made from soft silicone, the magnet inside the nose clip gently parses the airways apart by drawing together thus helping you and your partner get a good night’s sleep.

Truly Portable Combo

Hopping on a flight? Travelling by road or even train? Take along the eye mask and nose clip with you wherever you go. The nose clip comes with its own container so you never lose it and the eye mask is easy to fold and store in your hand luggage.

Available in many colors, experience a new way to sleep sound with no distraction, no snoring and definitely no midnight starts. Get your eye mask and anti-nose clip combo today and sleep healthy.

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