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Eye of Horus Earrings


  • ★ Eye of Horus Earrings / Ethnic earrings / Nubian Earrings / Natural hair earrings
  • ★ Popular for women rocking their natural hair
  • ★ Plastic gold dangle earrings
  • ★ Great plastic image of Eye of Horus to show your pride and heritage
  • ★ Sold by Liverpool Private Reserve TM
  • ★ 3×3 inches in size


If you are enlightened, then you must HAVE these Eye of Horus earrings to complement your Afro puff, twist-outs, braid outs and wash-n-go’s. They are so cute. They are approximately 3 x 3 inches in size. They are made of plastic material and are not heavy. They are so lightweight you can wear them all day.


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